Sunday, December 6, 2009



Carta Primera the first Letter

steps of falling in love - ends of the world
etapas del enamoramiento - fines del mundo


  1. This is crazy! When is the casting?
    I can walk naked in front of the camera. ;)

  2. Dementia – a possible end of the world… in progress

    It is late evening. The two protagonists Kiza and Cipriano, are seated on tall bar stools, at a lush, smoky bar lit mainly by floor and table lamps. The ambience is warm, moody; long shadows cast by the figures and objects in the room, drape and intertwine… on the floor, the walls, across the furniture… when the scene opens, our protagonists are two of the very few people in the room… slowly, as they talk, the bar begins to fill up… the focus however, remains on the two… everyone else remains blurry…

    It is obvious that Kiza and Cipriano are oblivious to their surroundings and the increasing bustle in the bar… they remain focused on each other, enraptured solely, by each other and their conversation. As the bar gets increasingly crowded, we begin to hear snatches of conversations of the people there… while the visual focus remains on Kiza and Cipriano, the sound shifts to the overlapping, loud, laughing, joking sounds of merriment that invariably accompany after-work drinking…

    Kiza leans in closer to Cipriano, takes his hand, looks him directly in the face, and slowly, deliberately, says something that we, as the audience, do not hear, but are almost certainly able to imagine (the declaration)… as she finishes, Cipriano smiles at her, first a little uncertain, shy, then more comfortable, open… she smiles back, looking at him in a way that is affectionate to the point of being somewhat uncomfortable… they kiss… as they kiss, she smiles again… the smile slowly gives way to suppressed giggles... then laughter, that gets increasingly louder to the point of becoming hysterical... as she laughs, she begins to shake uncontrollably... the camera shifts to her shadow, which is shaking too... the laughing shadow bumps into the shadow of one of the other people at the bar, a stranger who is sitting next to Kiza and Cipriano... the stranger begins to laugh too... we know because her shadow begins to shake and convulse ... first a little, then uncontrollably...

    At this point, the focus shifts from Kiza and Cipriano to this stranger’s shadow, which begins to jump and dance and prance around the space, running into things and people, turning things over, kicking, dancing, taking off her clothes and throwing them.. laughing and singing hysterically the whole time... then all of a sudden, in one quick move, she grabs something sharp and stabs herself with it... the screen goes black and there is complete silence...

    The visuals fade back in to a wide angle shot where we see many, many shadows – over-crowded, on top of one another, claustrophobic, running, screaming, shaking with laughter... there's general mayhem with shadows strangling each other, stabbing, choking, hitting, kicking, laughing, running, crawling, kneeling, falling, hanging themselves, cutting themselves, jumping from high places, committing suicide, shooting themselves and each other... the scene is choreographed as a dance, and plays out in slow motion, gracefully… set to a piece of classical music written specifically for it, music which rises and falls as the figures do... visually, the scene is monochromatic, minimalist and bare, so the audience can focus on the movements of the shadows and their interactions with one another…

    This is an idea in progress… the artist welcomes, and thanks you for, your feedback / suggestions / advice…

    Gracias! (the one word in Spanish that I know!)

  3. i am looking forward to working on this creative project.... i want to join.. im in nyc... what should i do?

  4. Enaina: ja ja ja... ¿tienes tu portafolio en internet? Probablemente el casting será en Enero. Por cierto,

    Sole: ¿Qué quieres hacer? Todavía no tenemos un director de casting, también estamos buscando a un sonidista, directores de fotografía, grafiteros, pintores y un montón de extras. Todo esto en Nueva York.

    Priyanka: ¡Ahuevo! ¡Arrechísimo! ¡Chingón! ¡Del Carajo! ¡Ésta es la primera propuesta en línea para un fin del mundo! ¡Nos encanta tu idea! En nuestra próxima carta explicaremos un poco más sobre los personajes y cómo entrelazar la historia de amor de Kiza y Cipriano con las diferentes propuestas para los fines del mundo.


    Enaina: Hahaha... do you have an online portfolio? probably the castings are gonna be in January. By the way,

    Sole: What you want to do? we don´t have a casting director yet. We are also looking for a sound person, Directors of photography, graffiti artists, painters and a lot of extras. This is for people in NYC.

    Priyanka: Fuck Yeah!! there is a first online proposal for the end of the world! We love your idea. In our next letter we´ll explain a little bit more about the characters and how we are going to interlace the love story of Kiza and Cipriano with the different proposals of the end of the world.

    Muchas Teinkiu,
    LorenaLaGocha y HugoElOax

  5. ok great i got access to some great artists ,musicians , and extras.. i would love to help you cast in nyc. i know tons of characters that would be interested. let me know what and when you need it